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Tablet Scheme

Parents can sign up clicking here if they prefer to sign up on line rather than by completing the forms.

About the tablet device scheme

At Sedgefield Community College we look to utilise technology to support and enhance student learning. To do this we have looked at what restrictions a student having a tablet device removes and what enhancements it can bring.

The most effective way to make use of students having a tablet device is to continue providing excellent planning and resources, which would have a positive impact on student progress, and simply use the tablet device as the tool to allow students complete access to any of the resources they need to support their learning and progress at any time.

Whilst our current level of planning for lessons at Sedgefield is ‘outstanding’ (ref, OFSTED), it is unfortunately restricted to what we can fit on a PowerPoint slide displayed via the classroom projector or what we are prepared to photocopy for the students.

At Sedgefield, we began thinking of current teaching restrictions that the tablet devices would remove and how in-turn this might allow us to plan and provide for our students to support their learning. This process allowed us to see both the vast learning potential and the relative simplicity of using the tablet device effectively across the school.

In addition to this, we hope to utilise the key ‘apps’ we place in our Sedgefield Learning Box to;

  • Enhance student engagement
  • Enhance the variety of ways students can demonstrate their learning
  • Enhance the ways in which students can support themselves in their learning
  • Enhance the variety and frequency of feedback students receive

Of course to do this we do need each individual student in a year group to be equipped with their own tablet device, and to achieve this we need parental support. This is where the 1:1 tablet device scheme and the Learning Foundation come together to support us in achieving our aims.

Insurance claim procedures can be found at the foot of this web page.

What is ‘The Learning Foundation’

Sedgefield Community College has partnered with a national charity called ‘The Learning Foundation’, to develop our tablet device scheme and our overarching aims to support the wider learning needs of our students. As a result of this collaboration, together we have created the ‘Enhancing Learning through Technology Scheme’.

Click here to watch a video from The Learning Foundation.

The crucial part – parent involvement

As a school, we have of course had to invest significant sums of money to provide the infrastructure, back up devices and training to allow this scheme to take place. However a scheme of this nature could not happen without parental support. Therefore, there is the need to ask parents (of those students involved) for a voluntary contribution for it to go ahead.

The table below summarises the voluntary contribution we are hoping parents would make towards this home/school e-learning programme;

Voluntary Contribution (illustration only) Benefits

One-off donation of £200


24 monthly donations of £9.50 per month

Note – the suggested donation amount is based on quotes from suppliers correct at the time of writing. We are still working hard to find a cheaper supplier, so the suggested donation may still be subject to change.

More details are in the information pack which accompanies a parental letter prior to the scheme launch.

  • A Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet computer for use at home and in-school.
  • A robust case.
  • A 2 year comprehensive ‘no quibbles’ theft and accidental damage insurance cover policy.
  • A 2 year warranty.
  • A personal Microsoft Office account to be able to create, edit and save Word, PowerPoint and Excel files and Outlook email, OneDrive and OneNote app
  • The opportunity to support the teaching and learning developments of the school which would further enhance the outstanding learning experience students currently receive in-school, and with their learning at home.

Signing up to the tablet device scheme

Parents will receive an information pack, as part of the pack parents are asked to indicate whether they are choosing to ‘opt-in’ or ‘opt-out’ of the scheme by completing the relevant form included within the information provided. Note, we need a ‘response from all’ to allow us to make a decision for any particular year group. If, as we have found in the past, enough parents support us in delivering this approach to learning and agree to contribute towards the scheme, then we will formally let parents know that we can go ahead (no donations will be taken until parents receive this confirmation). We will then place an order for the tablets shortly afterwards.

Parents can sign up clicking here if they prefer to sign up on line rather than by completing the forms.

Click here to see parental communications including opt-in / opt-out forms to return to school.

The paperwork…

  • Click here to see Direct Debit form related to the tablet device scheme

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Click here to go to the frequently asked questions relating to the tablet device scheme

Accidental damage/Theft insurance  

Parents should note that as part of the tablet device scheme each tablet device is supported both by the two year manufacturer’s warranty and for additional peace of mind a two year comprehensive ‘no quibbles’ theft and accidental damage insurance cover policy.

‘CompuCover’ Tablet Device Insurance Claims Procedure

To adhere to the insurance policy, all claims must be submitted within 7 days of the accidental damage or theft occurring. Therefore, it is the parent’s responsibility to submit any claims to avoid conflicting with the terms of the policy if the damage occurs during the school holidays.

Claims can be submitted online (please find the link below) and, aside from personal details, the only details you need from the school are the policy number and start date of insurance which can be found below;

  • Click here to go to the online claims procedure and form.

Note; when processing a claim the policy number for each device will need to be quoted. The policy number is as outlined below;

  • Current Year 11 Cohort  -The policy number for all devices is  IGL093814, the start date of the insurance is 12/01/2018.
  • Current Year 10 Cohort – The policy number for all devices is: ICA3102139, the start date for insurance is 01/01/2017.

How We Care For Your Child

Above all else the well being and happiness of every child that attends Sedgefield Community College is our prime concern. Whilst we are confident, that we can maximise every child’s learning potential and ensure that this will result in high achievement, we are equally confident that we can provide a safe and caring environment in which each child that joins our school can flourish and grow.

We recognise that for both parents and children, joining a secondary school can be a daunting experience, however we know from experience that the caring ethos that is shared by all adults at Sedgefield and the structures that we have created successfully makes the transfer from primary to secondary school relatively stress free, and in most instances enjoyable for the child.

Crucial to this process of transfer from primary to secondary school is close communication between schools. To allow this to happen, Sedgefield employs a Transition Support Assistant (Mrs Anderson) to work between schools during year six/seven getting to know students whilst in their Primary schools and making arrangements to meet specific needs BEFORE they arrive at the Community College. Then when in year seven Mrs Anderson is that friendly face who will help a child settle into their new environment and find friends if they don’t already have existing friendship groups.

Working alongside Mrs Anderson is our Student well being Coordinator (Mrs Spencer) who will have a detailed knowledge of each child well before they arrive at Sedgefield and will structure support programmes to ensure those that need this extra support receive it at the right time during the transition programme.

Parent/school communication is crucial during this stage for some students, and parents are encouraged to not wait until their child starts at Sedgefield to contact us if they have any concerns. Rather please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Upon entry to Sedgefield Community College each of our students is allocated to a tutor group. The Tutor takes initial responsibility for the pastoral welfare of each child in that group, and in most instances can help resolve any issue that a child or parent may have. However, each year group also has a Year Group Manager, this person works closely with the Tutor and can provide the ‘next level’ of support should a child/parent require it. Indeed Year Group Managers have overall responsibility for the students in their year group. They also lead their team of Tutors and help the Tutor monitor student progress on a day to day basis as well as supporting students general care and welfare.

Year Group Managers have the overview of student progress and a responsibility to co-ordinate student learning support and intervention programmes when required.

Parents that need information or who have a problem concerning their child should contact their child’s Tutor initially.

If helpful or necessary, a meeting with the Year Manager can easily be arranged by contacting school. The Headteacher, Deputy Headteachers and Assistant Headteachers are always ready to meet parents if required.

We encourage parents to contact us about any matters or concerns as soon as they arise and about any unusual difficulties experienced by their children. This means we can usually resolve issues before they become too troublesome.

Conduct and Discipline

A major aim of Sedgefield Community College is to develop in every student a sense of responsibility, self discipline and respect for the rights of others. This begins with the building of good relationships between staff and students and among students themselves.

The college aims to treat all students with understanding and recognises fully the need to give our students the opportunity to develop personal and social skills.

Within this framework we expect a very high standard of behaviour and a willingness to follow the rules of the college and all instructions given by staff. The vast majority of our students understand this and behave in a responsible manner, obeying the college rules on conduct, discipline, attendance, completion of work, including homework and the wearing of uniform.


Sedgefield Community College recognises that bullying is a major concern for many students, parents and teachers and that it can affect a child’s college attendance and performance. Bullying affects everyone: not just the bullies and victims. It also affects other children who may witness the aggression of the bully and the distress of the victim.

At Sedgefield we believe that all forms of bullying (verbal or physical) are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We encourage our students to talk about bullying, not only in the classroom but on an individual basis. We want them to feel confident in telling an adult and not to feel they are ‘telling tales’.

If you think your child is being bullied or involved in bullying in any way, we can only take appropriate action if we receive this information. Every reported incident is dealt with promptly.

Attendance – an absolute priority

Sedgefield Community College’s policy on attendance is quite simple. Every student is expected to attend on every occasion the college is open. The only acceptable exception is when illness or injury is so serious that it prevents the student from attending college. Every absence at Sedgefield Community College is followed up and checked.

Parents should be aware that daily attendance at school is compulsory for all children between the ages of 5-16 and that is their legal responsibility that their children attend college on a regular basis. Failure to ensure attendance can result in instant ‘fines’.

Research carried out both nationally and within Sedgefield Community College shows that daily attendance is the biggest single factor in helping students to achieve above average examination results. To allow your child to miss college for any non-medical reasons is not in his/her best interest and likely to have an unnecessary negative effect on their progress. Non attendance also places children at risk and in some cases can result in students being drawn into anti-social or criminal behaviour.

There are of course isolated special circumstances for absence such as attending a funeral or keeping a specialist hospital appointment.

We ask parents to consider very seriously the educational consequences of taking children on holiday during term time. Any financial saving is unlikely to outweigh the educational cost to your child. Hays Travel currently offer 10% discount on any holiday taken during holiday time.

What to do when your child is unavoidably absent

Parents are asked to let the school know of an absence by telephoning (01740 617884) before 8.45am. After the period of absence and on return to school, please give your child a signed and dated note confirming the length of absence.

If the school is unaware of the reason for your child’s absence we will make every effort to contact you on the first day your child is absent either by telephone, text, email or by letter. It is therefore appreciated that you let the college know as soon as possible of any absence.

The college employs the services of Education Welfare Assistants to work alongside our staff to ensure good attendance of all students.

Faye Henderson is our Attendance Officer and can be contacted on 01740 617884.

The Teenage Years

Resources to Support Your Child

Parenting teenagers can be challenging and many parents find times when it is hard to adapt to changes in their child as they grow up. At Sedgefield we have developed a ‘personal well being’ education programme (see below) that is intended to help children come to terms with the challenges that are presented as they go through puberty and into teenage life. However, we are aware that many parents themselves value any information that can help them support their child at difficult times. For this reason we continue to develop an area within the parent dashboard on FROG (click here to find out about FROG) which contains a wealth of practical advice and guidance to parents. This includes:

  • On line safety – Tips, advice, guides and resources to help keep your child safe online. You don’t need to be an expert on the internet to help keep your child safe online. Our advice and resources are here to support you as you support your child to use the internet safely, responsibility and positively. Remember as a parent or carer you play a key role in helping your child to stay safe online when they are not in school.
  • Alcohol, smoking and drugs – Some teens may be tempted to experiment with alcohol, drugs or smoking and as a parent that can feel frightening. Learn about what’s out there, how to spot problems and how to talk to your teen if you’re worried.
  • Mental health – Mood swings are normal in teenagers but if your teen is coping with something more serious here’s our advice on how to spot signs of depression, anxiety, obsessive behaviour or self-harm and what you can do to help.
  • Sex and relationships – Talking to your teen about sex or who they’re dating can feel awkward. We provide support and advice on tackling everything from sexuality to breakups.
  • Bereavements – Unfortunately many children go through the pain of losing someone close to them and parents often find it difficult to support their child through this.

E Safety, a Particular Concern

The safety and well being of a child whilst using a device such as smartphone or a tablet (such as an ipad), is something that many parents will have concerns about at some point in their child’s life. Parents hear harrowing stories of children that have been groomed or harassed whilst using seemingly innocent social media applications or gaming sites. This inevitably leads many parents to question their own role in protecting their child from such dangers.

A very simple E-Safety advice for parents leaflet is available to download. However, this will not necessarily provide the level of advice and support a parent may need. Indeed this leaflet is provided as no more than an introduction to the role a parent must play in order to ensure their child’s e safety. We strongly recommend that parents visit the Student health and well being page on the parent dashboard within FROG for further advice.

Our Personal Wellbeing Programme

Sedgefield Community College prides itself on the high standard of its Personal Wellbeing Programme (PWB) delivered to its students through the fortnightly SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural lessons). Teaching staff work in partnership with external agencies who provide students with specialist knowledge through flexible learning events. Students themselves help to shape the PWB programme through Focus Groups and IIC (Investors in Children) consultations. Our team undertake regular training to ensure that they have the most up to date knowledge as much of the content of the PWB programme, particularly aspects of the law, are constantly changing.

The programme our students follow is age appropriate and progressive so that each year they build on previous knowledge.

Note; As mentioned above our Parent dashboard on FROG is intended to provide Parents/Carers with information, advice and guidance on many of the issues their child will experience as they move through adolescence. FROG links to agencies and third parties; however we are not responsible for the availability or content on these linked sites. These sites are intended for information purposes only. Parents are advised that should they have any concerns regarding a child then they should seek advice from the family doctor This parent information site provides links to different websites, helplines and resources and they have been checked to make sure they are suitable at the time of publication. However, things change on the internet and we cannot be held responsible for anything on external sites. Listing them does not mean endorsement or recommendation.

Our Learning Platform – FROG

The Frog Learning Platform is an online system which supports students with their learning as well as other aspects of their school life. Having the Frog Learning Platform provides students with anytime, anywhere access and allows them to;

  • access homework and revision materials, submit them to their teacher and receive feedback
  • view all subject area sites (Eg, Maths, English) that have been created with  information and resources to support learning.
  • access from home; their emails, their own personal network drive and all of their work that they have stored electronically in school.
  • keep up-to-date with all of the latest Sports news and information, the latest Enrichment offerings and ability to sign-up for their chosen activity
  • access our highly recommended health and well-being site which includes information, guidance and links to the right place to support a student’s particular need (eg personal health, e safety).

The FROG Parent dashboard

The parent dashboard within FROG is highly recommended by the school. All Parents have access to this within FROG and this will provide full access to the areas students can visit as well as other features and information specifically available only to parents. The login page can be accessed using the web address ‘‘ or by clicking the FROG icon wherever it is seen on this website.

What does the FROG parent dashboard include?

One of the areas in FROG that parents have particularly commented positively upon is the student Health and Wellbeing area. This is intended to provide parents with information, advice and guidance on many of the issues their child will experience as they move through, puberty, Adolescence and into adulthood. The area is strongly recommended to parents as a starting point should they have concerns.

Other areas of FROG which parents will find useful are:

  • How to help my child learn
  • Revision guidance
  • Homework information
  • Careers site
  • E Safety
  • Parents evening online bookings

Logging into FROG

As outlined above, parents can access FROG very simply  . However should a parent forget their log in details or have a question regarding FROG then they should simply contact school and we will be happy to help.

* Note – parents of new Year 7 students receive their login details with their child’s first report which is usually sent in November of each academic year.

Parent Feedback

In order to help Sedgefield Community College to continue to develop we value any form of feedback from parents and students. Every two years we ask all parents, students and staff to take part in a comprehensive review of all aspects of provision at Sedgefield and this often provides the basis of future development priorities for the school. In addition, we also ask parents to complete simple questionnaires focusing upon their current view of the how well Sedgefield Community College is providing for students generally.

The results of the most recent parental questionnaires can be viewed by clicking on the links below: 

Parent survey results-y7

Parent survey results-y8

Parent survey results-y9

Parent survey results-y10

Parent survey results-y11

Parents do not need to wait for a questionnaire to comment upon the school’s performance. Rather we encourage parents to contact school at any time with feedback (positive as well as negative!) or suggestions as to how we might improve aspects of our work. If you would like to comment then please click here to send us an email, or go to the contact us page.

College Transport

Sedgefield Community College is an extremely popular school, with students often travelling a considerable distance to attend. Therefore, the school in partnership with Durham County Council ensures that school buses are available for all students who wish to travel by bus. Students who do not qualify for free travel from Durham County Council can apply for a seat via the special Sedgefield Community College travel scheme. SCC Transport application pack 2020-21

Alternatively an application can be made online at

If your daughter/son receives free travel from Durham County Council, you do not need to do anything, Durham County Council continues to provide free transport where students are eligible under its policy. Details of who is eligible can be found on the Durham County Council’s school transport section or by telephoning them on 03000 264444 (option 3).

However, if your son/daughter does not qualify for free travel from Durham County Council and you wish to apply for transport under the Sedgefield Community College travel scheme, then please complete the application form below and return it to Sedgefield Community College as soon as possible (please note the deadline for returned forms stipulated in the application pack) in order to be sure of consideration in time for the start of the new term. Late applications are possible but the availability of bus passes cannot be guaranteed for late applications. Any pass issued will be under the terms outlined in the college’s ‘Home to School Transport Scheme application’ pack. Copies of all documents relating to school transport are available by clicking below.

School Transport Routes and Times

Should you have any questions or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Online Payments

We are delighted to welcome you to the Sedgefield Community College online payment system. This system allows you to make payments using a debit/credit card securely through Worldpay to our school using the internet. You can use the same account for all children that you have at this school.

  • More payment options for parents
  • Reduced risk of students losing cash
  • Parents/carers are able to view their children’s dinner money account history on-line and top-up their child’s dinner money account
  • Payments are made through WorldPay so they’re secure and reliable

Parents/carers can use Online Payments to purchase the following:

  • School Meals – choose this option to top-up your child’s dinner money balance
  • School visit – if the visit is available to pay online, this will be made available for parents/carers to view and pay. Parents/carers can check when payments are due and balance remaining.

To make a payment, simply click the button below:

If you have any questions or need help setting up your account, please contact the school on 01740 617777.

Update my Contact Details

To ensure that there is clear communication between school and home it is extremely important that parents notify school of any changes to their contact details. As parents know, the school rarely uses traditional post to communicate with parents. Rather, information such as students progress updates, annual reports, exam timetables and newsletters are emailed to parents. Whilst any important messages or reminders are sent from the school via text message.

In addition, there are a number of situations when we may need to contact a parent (or a designated alternative contact). Such situations may be when a child is ill and needs to be collected from school, or where there is the need to close the school because of an emergency situation or as the result of extreme weather conditions. Whilst of course the most common reason to contact a parent is to discuss a matter concerning their child.

Please notify the school of changes to your contact details by downloading the form below and returning via your child to our Student Services desk. Alternatively simply send us an email providing us with your new contact details.

Notification of change of contact details

Leave of Absence Requests

Our aim is to ensure that our students have high levels of attendance which in turn enables them to take full advantage of the educational opportunities on offer at Sedgefield Community College.

From September 2013, parents no longer have the right to request leave of absence for their children for an annual holiday. The amendments to the 2006 Pupil Registration Regulations make clear that Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. It states that ‘Headteachers should determine the number of school days a student can be away from school if the leave is granted’.

School will consider every request for leave individually. The most important consideration is the effect an absence would have upon a child’s education. Permission will not be given for a student unless the circumstances are exceptional i.e. for a wedding/funeral and providing the time period is appropriate. Proof of ‘exceptional circumstances’ must be provided before any absence is authorised.

If you wish to make an application for leave of absence, you must complete a leave of absence request form, which can be downloaded by clicking on the link below or from our Student Services desk. Following the submission of your application, you will be notified in writing of the School’s decision.

Parents/Carers should be aware that if your child takes leave of absence during term time without making a prior application, or if your request is not authorised and the child is still taken out of school, the absence will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’. Unauthorised absences may attract a Fixed Penalty Notice fine of £60 which if unpaid can lead to legal proceedings being initiated by Durham County Council. If found guilty for an offence under the Education Act 1996 Section 444 1, the maximum fine is up to £1000, per parent, per child.

If you have any questions or require further information please contact Faye Henderson – Attendance Officer.

Students with Medical Conditions

Information on how we support students with medical conditions

Whilst there is no legal or contractual duty on staff­ in school to administer medicines or supervise students taking their medication, we wish to support our students where we can in order to help them to be happy in school and able to achieve their full potential.

It must be stressed that the primary responsibility for a student’s health lies with the parent or carer who is responsible for the student’s medication and should supply the school with any relevant information.  This information can be provided through the regular data collection processes that take place during a child’s time at our school, but if there are any changes that the school needs to be aware of, parents must make the school aware of these at the earliest opportunity.

Where parents have indicated that there is medical information that they wish the staff of the school to be aware of, this information will be recorded in the school’s Medical Register.  In addition to this, if the nature of the medical condition means that a Medical Care Plan is required to bring together the actions needed to manage the condition(s) in school, a plan will be produced in consultation with the parents and where appropriate medical professionals.

In terms of medication on the school site, only medication that must be taken in school hours or may be required in the event of an emergency should be brought into school.  If possible, students who are taking medication should do so at home, outside of school hours.  Where it is necessary for medication to be brought into school, it will be managed as outlined below:

  • Asthma inhalers – we encourage all students who have an inhaler to carry it on their person, ensuring it is readily available if required. If your child is not able to carry their own inhaler, we will store it for them in an accessible location in school.  We also have a number of spare inhalers that can be used in the event of an emergency for those students who have been prescribed an inhaler and where parental consent has been given.
  • AAI devices – Adrenaline auto injectors are often referred to by the brand name of Epipen. Current guidance from the Department for Health indicates that anyone prescribed an AAI device should have 2 devices available.  As for inhalers, students are encouraged to carry their own AAI device(s), ensuring it is readily available if required.  If your child is not able to carry their own AAI device(s), we will store it for them in a readily accessible location in school.  We also have a number of spare AAI devices that can be used in the event of an emergency for those students who have been prescribed an AAI device and where parental consent has been given.
  • Non-emergency medication will be stored in a locked cupboard at the school’s main office and students will report here when the medication is to be taken. Parents need to contact the school to make us aware of any medication that their child requires and provide this to the school in the original packaging and with the prescriber’s instructions visible.

Please note that it is the responsibility of parents to ensure medication is replaced if it passes the use by date and also to collect unused medication when it is no longer required in school.

School Closures

The decision to close the school to all or some students is something that the Headteacher and Governors do not take lightly and is indeed an extremely rare occurrence. The school will only close where the safety of students would otherwise be compromised or strike action deems it necessary.

In the case of bad weather (for example heavy snow) any decision to close the school is taken after considering the safety of the school site, along with discussions with the school bus companies in relation to the likelihood of worsening road conditions. Approximately 650 students travel to school on school buses. Their safety is paramount and it is the consideration of school transport risks that largely determines if we need to close the school when there is bad weather.

If the school closes before the start of the day, the decision will usually be taken before 7.00 am and parents will be informed via email/text message/facebook/twitter. In addition a message will be posted on the homepage of the school website. Also the following local radio stations are informed, who will usually announce the closure:

  • BBC Radio Cleveland
  • BBC Radio Newcastle
  • Alpha FM
  • Metro FM
  • Sun FM
  • TFM

The speed with which stations broadcast information will vary according to the severity of the weather and volume of school closures. The reopening of school will NOT be broadcast. Only the continued closure will usually be broadcast on a daily basis. Parents are advised to check the school website homepage daily after the initial closure for any updates.

The BBC also posts information on their web sites. Parents are advised to check BBC Tees first and then Wear and Tyne. The closure will also be posted on Durham County Council website (click here). Please check these regularly for updates.

If school closes during the school day, every effort will be made to contact all parents via email/text message. No student will be released unless we are sure that they have safe transport home and a secure and supervised place to return to. This may be through agreed arrangements between family friends or relatives.

If you wish to discuss particular arrangements, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.

Parents will appreciate that it is ESSENTIAL that we have accurate emergency contact details on our school records. Please ensure that school is promptly provided with any changes to contact details.

What to do if...

What to do if your child is absent from school-

As a school we cannot stress enough the importance of students attending school for every possible session. There have been numerous studies carried out over the years that clearly show indicate the detrimental impact upon learning caused by even short absences.

Should a parent feel that they must keep their child off school then they should contact school (phone or email) on the first morning of the absence, providing reasons for the absence.  Prior to returning to school the parent should provide their child with a brief note explaining the absence that the child can then pass on to their tutor.

What if my child is being bullied-

Each student has a tutor who is on hand to deal with such issues and therefore the child must speak to their tutor straight away. In most instances issues can be resolved quickly however where there is no quick solution apparent the tutor may pass the matter on to the Year Manager.  Of course parents can also speak to the students tutor if the child is unwilling or the parents feel it is right to do so.

What if my child needs to leave school early-

In this instance parents are kindly asked to provide their child with a signed note including brief details/reasons. This should be handed to the child’s tutor as soon as possible.

What if my child feels ill during school-

Invariably from time to time children report feeling ill whilst in school, in such situations the child should tell their tutor and/or current subject teacher. Often a child will feel well enough to continue taking part in some or all lessons in time after a short period of time. Therefore, the instinct to contact parents to collect their child is avoided.   In cases of minor injury, specialist teachers (eg PE, Technology or Science teachers) will often be able to attend to the problem themselves, failing this then a First Aider will be involved.

It is rare that a child feels so ill that we need to contact a parent to collect them. However, there has been occasions when this has been necessary but the parent has not updated their contact details and therefore contact has not been possible. It is extremely important that parents notify school immediately of any changes to their contact details or those of people who they would like us to contact as an alternative.

Simply notify the school of any change to contact details by downloading the form below and returning via your child to our Student Services desk. Alternatively send us an email by clicking here.

Parent contact details update form

What if my child is struggling with a subject-

In this instance the child should be encouraged to speak to the subject teacher and gain feedback from them as to how they can improve. Parents can also request to speak to the subject teacher, if they feel the need, by contacting the school reception by telephone or sending us an email. Parents should keep in mind that there are parent’s evenings throughout the year when there is the opportunity to speak with teachers.

What if my child loses an item of uniform

Parents are advised to ensure that items of uniform are labelled with the child’s name, as it is difficult to identify the owner of lost items otherwise. However, should a child lose an item then firstly they should retrace their steps in an attempt to find the item. If this is unsuccessful then they should speak with one of our Student Support staff who will attempt to identify the item from our lost property store. If the item is not found then the parent will be required to replace the item as soon as possible, until then ties, jumpers and blazers can be loaned from Student Services.

Note; due to limited storage space lost property is retained for one month only before being disposed of.

What if my child forgets their lunch money-

Most students soon get into a routine of ‘loading up their in school’ lunch account via the revaluer machines. However, should a child forget, he/she will be able to get their lunch as normal but will need to give their name and the amount borrowed to the staff on the till. They will then be required to repay the amount the next day. Parents will be contacted if a child is repeatedly failing to pay for their meals.

What if I need to get a message to my child-

Most parents appreciate the negative impact upon learning that mobile phones can present if students are permitted to have them turned on whilst on school site, and therefore support our approach towards student mobile phones, which is that they are permitted in school but must be turned off at all times. This does not prevent students from using their phones whilst coming to school or returning home, and therefore making contact with parents if necessary.

For the reason outlined above parents should not encourage a child to leave their phone turned on in school in order that they may receive a call or text from the parent. Rather, parents can simply call the school and our reception staff will get messages to a message to the child if urgent.

What if I want to make a complaint-

Whilst we make every effort to resolve issues that parents may have with aspects of our work we do appreciate that on occasions parents would like to be aware of the process that is in place to deal with a complaint if necessary. With this in mind please see the policies section of our website, where you will find the Complaints Policy.

What if I want a copy of a school policy –

If you would like to see a copy of a particular school policy, please contact the school and we will send a copy of the policy through the post.

Parents' Evening Bookings

Parents’ Evenings for 2021-2022 are scheduled as follows:

Year 7 – Thursday 27th January 2022 – 4pm – 6:30pm
Year 8 – Thursday 24th March 2022 – 4pm – 6:30pm
Year 9 – Thursday 10th March 2022 – 4pm – 6:30pm
Year 10 – Thursday 3rd March 2022 – 4pm – 6:30pm
Year 11 – Thursday 10th February 2022 – 4pm – 6:30pm

Parents will receive a letter ahead of the Parents’ Evening to inform them that the appointment booking system is open.  Please click the link below to take you to the Parents’ Evening booking system.