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Whilst Sedgefield Community College ensures that students follow the National Curriculum, it also allows students to select from a range of other subjects.

Students now make this selection during Year 8 and whilst they continue to study a broad, balanced and aspirational curriculum, they are then able to tailor this to their own personal learning needs.

Students follow either the Yellow, Green or Blue learning pathway during years 9, 10 and 11. The pathway in which they are placed is determined by their academic performance in Year 8.

Options Pathways

The Pathway Booklets below provide details of the optional subjects available in each pathway, as well as what will be taught in these subjects and what qualifications they will lead to.

Please click on the link below the relevant Pathway Booklet to submit your subject choices

Yellow Pathway BookletYellow Pathway Form:

Green Pathway BookletGreen Pathway Form: https:/ /

Blue Pathway Booklet

Blue Pathway Form:


Curriculum Overviews

Specific details of what is covered in each subject at any time in the school year can be found by viewing the curriculum overviews on the Subject Information page.