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School Meals

Our seasonal menus are changed twice a year. We use fresh ingredients, providing a varied choice of healthy homemade dishes.

Daily choices include two main dishes, a vegetarian choice, with lighter options available daily such as baked potatoes, sandwiches, salad/pasta boxes, wraps, and paninis. A fresh free salad bar is available daily to encourage healthy choices. All our dishes are allergen tested.


At Sedgefield Community College we aim to deliver outstanding provision in everything that we do. This attitude also extends to the standard of catering that we provide our students. To this end, the college has partnered with Gateshead Council School Catering, which has an outstanding reputation for excellence in school catering. Student dining is now delivered under our own distinctive brand, Pitstop.

The Pitstop concept offers a broad and exciting range of food options, with each option meeting the highest possible nutritional standards.  This includes pre-order ‘build your own’ (Subway-style) sandwiches and wraps, paninis, filled jacket potatoes, salads and of course our varied menu of delicious freshly-cooked hot meals, including our popular daily two-course meal special. Parents will also be pleased to know that our high-quality food is also offered at affordable prices.

About Gateshead School Catering

Gateshead School Catering provides a series of bespoke, high-quality and cost-effective solutions to a school’s catering needs.

It currently provides more than 11,000 nutritionally-balanced meals every day, served by a team of 330 staff across 71 establishments within the primary and secondary school sectors.

Gateshead School Catering staff are fully trained in nutrition, food safety, catering and cookery skills and their aim is simple – to provide a high-quality meal service which is enjoyed by pupils and appreciated by parents.

Our Food

We know that the right nutrients can positively affect a child’s health, behaviour and ability to concentrate. That’s why we insist that our nutritionally-balanced, high-quality hot meals are freshly prepared in school from the freshest, seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients, at the right price every day of the week.

Our comprehensive menus are based on a range of popular and nutritious dishes developed by Gateshead School Catering’s experienced in-house team to meet or exceed national nutritional standards. Menus are refreshed regularly to offer variety and to make full use of seasonal and local produce.

To maintain our high standards, we only use ingredients that have an assured provenance and which come purely from local and regional suppliers. This not only reduces food miles, but it also gives chefs the freshest quality ingredients to work with.

Download the Our Food Map to take a closer look at where the ingredients come from.

Gateshead School Catering’s purchasing policy also supports smaller suppliers which helps to support the regional economy.

Our Food MapWe demand high welfare standards. All eggs used in our meals are free-range and meet RSPCA Freedom Food standards. In addition, all fish is Marine Stewardship Approved (MSC), cocoa, sugar and bananas are guaranteed Fairtrade, and all meat and poultry meet the Red Tractor assured quality standard.

We do not accept foods which are known to contain GM (genetically modified) foods, MRM (mechanically recovered meat), modified proteins, and specified flavourings and colourings.

Special Dietary Requirements

If your child has a special dietary requirement – such as diabetic, coeliac, low fat and dairy intolerances or a food allergy – we will be happy to plan and provide a school meal that meets your child’s needs. We can also adapt menus to meet religious needs.

Cashless Payments

We operate a cashless system that helps to ease queuing, avoids pupils having to carry cash in school, and protects the identity of pupils on free school meals. This system uses biometrics or a fingerprint scanner to provide access to an account.

Pupils can top-up their accounts using terminals situated throughout the school, or online. The Sedgefield Community College online payment system allows you to make payments to the school using a debit/credit card securely through Scopay, using the internet. You can use the same account for all children that you have at this school. Our online payment system means:

  • More payment options for parents
  • Reduced risk of students losing cash
  • Parents/carers are able to view their children’s dinner money account history online and top-up their child’s dinner money account
  • Payments are made through Scopay so they’re secure and reliable


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