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During Year 7 and Year 8, we set students a number of homework tasks each half term using our school learning platform FROG.

This method of setting homework was adopted after extensive consultation with students and parents who indicated that they would welcome the ability to access information about homework from home, at any time.

An important function of Year 7 and Year 8 homework is to support students to develop the skills of managing their own time and prioritising tasks. We try to set homework tasks that will enthuse and excite students, and offer something that is a little different to what might be taking place in school.

Some key points to make about the way homework is set in years 7 and 8 are:

  • The school provides deadline dates for submitting homework and a schedule of which subject areas will be setting homework each half term. This is done using student planners and also the learning platform
  • We will ensure that the new homework tasks for each half-term are available via the learning platform at the start of each half-term
  • We will ensure teachers take time to set and explain homework tasks in lessons
  • We will ensure work submitted is returned to students with feedback within two school weeks of the deadline date for submission
  • We will reward students who submit excellent homework

In order to help students to manage their time in meeting homework deadlines, they may wish to use the document downloadable below to plan which pieces of homework they will be working on and when.

Student Homework Planning Schedule Pro-Forma

Homework in Years 9-11

In years 9, 10 and 11, the approach to setting homework is different, reflecting the huge variety of courses and qualifications that students study. Homework tasks will be set in class, with specific deadlines. However, within the Learning Platform (FROG), a wide range of revision and extension materials is available for all subjects studied in years 9-11. These resources are accessible in school or at home.

Students in years 9-11 are studying courses where a large element of the qualification is awarded through exams at the end of Year 11. This makes ongoing revision of the work done in class vital. Students who start their revision at some point in Year 11 will be overwhelmed by the volume of what they have to learn. Starting revision from the first day in Year 9 will avoid this! Students in years 9-11 always have revision that they are able to undertake on FROG, whatever a few might tell their parents! 

Reading Homework

In addition to the homework tasks set by each subject area, we also believe that students should read regularly at home. The ability to read for understanding is crucial to students if they are to ACHIEVE success in all subject areas.

We expect students to be reading for at least 30 minutes each evening in years 7 and 8. For students who find reading a particular challenge, this reading should ideally be done alongside a parent or older sibling, for example.

We promote reading across all subjects in the school, most notably in English lessons. During Year 7 and Year 8, all students have lessons in our school library where there are lots of fantastic books they can check out and take home.

As students enter Year 9, they should continue to read and if they have done so throughout years 7 and 8, the habit of reading and enjoyment of this process will hopefully have been embedded.

Should a parent require advice as to which books may appeal to their child, they should not hesitate to contact us and we will provide some guidance.

View Current Homework Tasks

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