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College Transport

Sedgefield Community College is an extremely popular school, with students often travelling a considerable distance to attend. Therefore, in partnership with Durham County Council we ensure that school buses are available for all students who wish to travel by bus.

Students who do not qualify for free travel from Durham County Council can apply for a seat via the special Sedgefield Community College travel scheme.

Download the transport application packAlternatively, an application can be made online at

If your daughter/son currently receives free travel from Durham County Council, you do not need to do anything. Durham County Council will continue to provide free transport where students are eligible under its policy. Details of who is eligible can be found on the Durham County Council’s school transport section or by telephoning them on 03000 264444 (option 3).

However, if your son/daughter does not qualify for free travel from Durham County Council and you wish to apply for transport under the Sedgefield Community College travel scheme, then please complete the application form above and return it to Sedgefield Community College as soon as possible.

The deadline for returning forms is included in the application pack. You will need to meet this deadline in order for us to consider your child in time for the start of the new term.

Whilst we will always do everything we possibly can to provide seats on our school bus routes for all families who wish to apply for these through our school travel scheme, do note that we can not guarantee this availability.  Late applications are possible, but the likelihood that a place will not be provided will increase for any applications that are made in this way.  Any pass issued will be under the terms outlined in the college's 'Home to School Transport Scheme' application pack.  Copies of all documents relating to school transport are available by clicking below.

School Transport Routes and Times 2023-2024Home to School Transport PolicyShould you have any questions or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the school.