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Examinations for all year groups take place during the year at Sedgefield Community College. The outcome of internal examinations taken by students in years 7 to 10 is used to help teachers plan subsequent lessons and reinforce learning. A student’s examination outcome can also influence the teaching group they are placed in.

Parents and students are advised to contact the college Examinations Officer (Mrs Jensen) for further information about examinations.

Exam Anxiety and Stress

If you are concerned about being overly anxious about examinations, remember that you can get advice by visiting the Student Wellbeing area within FROG. Alternatively, speak with your Year Manager or a Student Counsellor. Don’t panic, we can help!

Examination and Revision Support

Preparation is key to success in any examination. Developing techniques to answer the type of questions that appear on examination papers is therefore built into lessons throughout every subject in every year group.

In addition, our learning platform FROG is packed with revision materials that are specific to each subject. These resources have been produced by our own teachers who know our students and their particular revision needs, as opposed to commercially-bought resources which we have found to be less effective.

It is important that any student who feels they may need additional support speaks to their teacher well ahead of any examination.