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Enrichment (Super Curriculum)

As part of our commitment to providing a wide range of enrichment opportunities for all pupils, we have introduced our Super Curriculum which all pupils participate in every Wednesday between 3:05pm and 4:05pm

How is the Super Curriculum organised?

There are two key elements to our Super Curriculum and pupils will engage with both of these at points during each school each year:

  • Super Curriculum - Core Curriculum
  • Super Curriculum – Enrichment

Super Curriculum Overview 2024 25

Super Curriculum - Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum provides pupils with opportunities to learn about important issues, events and concepts, extending their knowledge and understanding from what they have learned about in their day-to-day lessons.  This element of the curriculum has been carefully designed and sequenced by subject specialists across a range of subject areas including English, humanities and the sciences in order to ensure that pupils have opportunities to develop important knowledge and skills across a wide range of areas.  

Throughout the year, pupils in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 will engage with the following Core Curriculum units.

Year 11

Pupils in Year 11 will have opportunities to take part in a variety of masterclasses.  These are sessions that are planned and delivered by subject specialists in school and are designed to extend pupils’ learning beyond the curriculum in their GCSE subjects.  In addition, where pupils require additional support in a subject, targeted intervention sessions will be provided.

Super Curriculum - Enrichment

We are committed to providing all pupils with opportunities to engage with a wide range of enrichment opportunities during their time at school, in order to develop new passions and interests, to build confidence and to learn new skills.  Pupils have the opportunity to select from a wide range of available activities throughout the year, and the activities available change each half term to ensure there is always a variety of options to choose from.

The enrichment activities below are being offered throughout the year as part of our Super Curriculum programme.

Please note - enrichment options change each half term and some activities are only available to particular year groups.  Further details of options available each half term are available via Frog.

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