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We welcome you to Sedgefield Community College.

Ensuring that our students enjoy a smooth start to their life at Sedgefield Community College is extremely important to everyone at the school.  In order to support a successful transition to SCC, we operate a transition programme for our new Y7 students that begins early in Y6 and continues once they are part of our school community too.

During the summer term, we will have two extremely important events that we are looking forward to very much:

  • Transition days for Y6 students where the children have an opportunity to visit the school and begin to experience life at SCC.
  • Transition evening for Y6 students and their parents and / or carers where key information will be provided and any queries that you might have will be answered

Sedgefield Community College understands that transition is sometimes an anxious time for parents/carers and students. We acknowledge that everyone concerned will have questions regarding the process and hopefully these will be answered at the transition days/evening or using our FAQ information. Alternatively, if you have additional questions, you can contact the transition team on the following email:

Transition Booklet 

Transition FAQs

Transition SEN FAQs

Student Life at Sedgefield Community College

To gain an insight into student life at Sedgefield, please have a look at the videos below.