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Sedgefield Community College has successfully completed all elements of the Rainbow Flag Award.

News / Posted On - 16 / 10 / 2023

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This award demonstrates the highly effective whole school approach to the positive inclusion and visibility of LGBT+ people.  As well as this, it also reflects the school’s commitment to ensuring the eradication of LGBTphobic bullying.

In total, there are eight different elements to the award and since beginning work on these in September 22, the school has been able to develop its approaches to equality and inclusion and successfully meet all of the challenging assessment criteria of this prestigious award.

As a school, we are committed to promoting the fundamental British values of ‘Individual Liberty’ and ‘Mutual Respect and Tolerance’ and our work towards the Rainbow Flag Award has allowed us to do this in a way that has created a positive and inclusive school culture for all members of our school community.

Many students and students contributed to the award and a particular mention must be made to Sharon Lupton who led brilliantly on the process as the school’s Director of Equality and Diversity.

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