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Ofsted Information


Sedgefield Community College was first judged to be ‘Outstanding’ (in all possible categories) by Ofsted in March 2017.  During a subsequent inspection visit in May 2022, Ofsted confirmed that we remain an ‘Outstanding’ school commenting:

  • “Sedgefield Community College is not just a community in name only.  Pupils and staff feel this is a place where they are safe, happy and valued.  Pupils trust that staff have their best interests at heart.”
  • “This is an environment where pupils are being moulded to be positive citizens and to achieve their very best.”
  • “The staff celebrates difference and equality.  Pupils strongly feel that they are taught to respect people from other backgrounds.”
  • “Leaders have created a curriculum that is highly ambitious in its aspiration for what all pupils will learn.  Leaders carefully balance academic success alongside building pupils’ character.”

In order to access the school’s page on the Ofsted website or to download the two most recent inspection reports, please click the links below: