Sedgefield Community College is a thriving and happy learning community where expectations and standards are exceptionally high. Driven by our core value statement, ‘achieve@sedgefield’, we are completely committed to inspiring and supporting our students so that they seek excellence in all aspects of school life, regardless of their ability or background. 

Central to our working ethos is the success of every student in the school and for us this means a high-quality learning experience in every classroom and excellent behaviour at all times. What makes us successful is hard work and rigorous pursuit of the highest possible standards. Sedgefield Community College is a school where young people’s talents and abilities are nurtured and where they can develop their ambitions. 

Our aim is that all students should leave the school as highly qualified, confident and articulate young adults. We are deeply dedicated to ensuring that our students have a rich and successful experience and we believe in equipping them with the skills, knowledge and confidence for the future. The dedicated body of staff here work determinedly to support success for all whilst nurturing respect for self and others. Perhaps more than ever before, we are acutely aware that we play a key role in preparing our young people for their place as global citizens. 

Sedgefield Community College is an aspirational, innovative and vibrant place to both learn and work. For all students and parents this means measuring ourselves against the best standards and practices, not merely locally, but regionally and nationally. Through the information within this website, or perhaps a personal visit to us, we would be delighted to further explain and show you why this is so. We look forward to welcoming you to our outstanding school.