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Tablet Scheme

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About the Table Device Scheme

At Sedgefield Community College, we use technology to support and enhance student learning. By enabling every student to have a tablet device, we aim to remove learning restrictions and offer additional educational advantages.

Tablets allow students complete and easy access to the resources that support their learning and progress, overcoming the limitations of PowerPoint slides and handouts. Using tablet devices effectively across the school enhances vast learning potential with relative simplicity.

A tablet offers students complete access to any of the resources they need to support their learning and progress at any time. This allows us to see both the vast learning potential and the relative simplicity of using the tablet device effectively across the school.

Through a tablet, students can also use the key ‘apps’ we place in our Sedgefield Learning Box to enhance:

  • student engagement
  • the ways students can demonstrate their learning
  • the ways in which students can support themselves in their learning
  • the variety and frequency of feedback students receive

How It Works

At this time, we are looking to introduce the Table Scheme for Year 9, with students receiving their tablets at the start of the Spring term.

Sedgefield Community College has partnered with a national charity called The Learning Foundation to develop our tablet device scheme and support the wider learning needs of our students.

However, in order for each individual student in a year group to be equipped with their own tablet device, we need parental support. 

As a school, we have had to invest significant sums of money to provide the infrastructure, backup devices, and training to allow this scheme to take place. However, a scheme of this nature cannot succeed without parental support. Therefore, we ask parents (of those students involved) for a voluntary contribution.

The table below summarises the voluntary contribution we are hoping parents could make towards the tablet device scheme:

Voluntary Contribution (illustration only)

  • One-off donation of £200
  • 24 monthly donations of £9.50 per month

Note – the suggested donation amount is based on quotes from suppliers correct at the time of writing. We are still working hard to find a cheaper supplier, so the suggested donation may still be subject to change.

More details are in the information pack which will be sent to parents.


  • A Samsung Galaxy Tablet - a tablet computer for use at home and in-school
  • A robust case
  • A two-year comprehensive ‘no quibbles’ theft and accidental damage insurance cover policy
  • A two-year warranty
  • A personal Microsoft Office account to be able to create, edit and save Word, PowerPoint and Excel files and Outlook email, OneDrive and OneNote app
  • The opportunity to support the teaching and learning developments of the school which would further enhance the outstanding learning experience students currently receive in-school, and with their learning at home

How to Sign Up to the Tablet Scheme

Parents receive an information pack and are asked to indicate whether they choose to ‘opt-in’ or ‘opt-out’ of the scheme by completing a form included within the pack. 

Please note: we need a response from all parents to allow us to make a decision about whether to go ahead with this scheme for any particular year group. If enough parents support this approach to learning and agree to contribute to the scheme, then we will formally let parents know that we can go ahead. No donations will be taken until parents receive this confirmation. We will then place an order for the tablets shortly afterwards.

Click here to sign up online, rather than by completing forms

Click here to see parental communications, including opt-in/opt-out forms, which you will need to return to the school

Please see the Direct Debit form related to the tablet device scheme below.

Learning Foundation donation form

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our Frequently Asked Questions document

Accidental Damage and Theft Insurance - How To Claim

As part of the tablet device scheme, each tablet device is supported both by the two-year manufacturer’s warranty and, for additional peace of mind, a two year comprehensive ‘no quibbles’ theft and accidental damage insurance cover policy. 

To adhere to the insurance policy, all claims must be submitted within seven days of the accidental damage or theft occurring. Therefore, it is the parents' responsibility to submit any claims to avoid conflicting with the terms of the policy if the damage occurs during the school holidays.

Claims can be submitted online (please find the link below) and, aside from personal details, the only details you need from the school are the policy number and start date of insurance which can be found below.

View the online claims procedure and form

Note: when processing a claim the policy number for each device will need to be quoted. The policy numbers are outlined below—

  • Current Year 11 Cohort. The policy number for all devices is IGL093814. The start date of the insurance is 12/01/2018.
  • Current Year 10 Cohort. The policy number for all devices is ICA3102139. The start date for insurance is 01/01/2017.