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Teaching & Learning


Sedgefield Community College has developed an innovative and highly effective approach to teaching and learning that we call ‘Inevitable Progress’.

This approach to teaching and learning is founded on the belief that every student can make exceptional progress and that it is the role of teachers to find a way to make sure that this is ‘inevitable’.

Our outstanding staff team embraces this challenge and we have an ethos where teachers are passionate about the ongoing development of their teaching practice.

‘Inevitable Progress’ was first developed at Sedgefield Community College and the collection of teaching and learning strategies was initially called The Learning Box. The effectiveness of this ‘toolbox’ of strategies has been integral to the success of the school over recent years and has resulted in both regional and national recognition.

Because of the proven impact of the Inevitable Progress approach, it is now used across each of the Laidlaw School Trust’s secondary schools, to make sure all students benefit from an outstanding and inspirational approach to teaching and learning.

Crucially, we ensure that best practice is shared across each school, but also ensure the specific needs of each school’s students are met.

Whilst informed by the latest educational research, ‘Inevitable Progress’ looks to distil this into practical strategies that teachers can employ and which will support students to learn deeply and then be able to retain and apply their knowledge and understanding effectively in the future.

For more detail about some of the key elements of our Inevitable Progress approach, please click on the ‘In the Classroom’ link at the top of the page.