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In this section of our site, you can find links to other helpful sources of information on e-safety.

In today’s connected world, the wealth of information and opportunities that technology offers is immense. However, there is a darker side to this digital environment that leaves individuals vulnerable to all kinds of accidental or intentional harm.

Issues can range from access to inappropriate sites due to misspelling, and accidental viewing of pornography and illegal images, to more sinister and intentional harm from predator grooming, cyberbullying, gambling, self-harm and suicide sites, to name but a few of the risks.

Whilst recognising this, children and young people cannot be held back from all the positive benefits offered by information technology that has become an essential part of their everyday world.

Keep Safe – The Big Red Button

If you or someone you are concerned about needs help or advice about anything that is worrying you, no matter how big or small, we want to help you.

You should always try and speak to a teacher first, but if you are finding it hard to talk to someone directly, then hit the ‘KEEP SAFE – Big Red Button’ on the website. This will let you tell us what you are worried about and is a really good first step towards getting help.

Help for students on FROG

Most students at Sedgefield know their way around our learning platform (FROG). The most common way that students use FROG is to get revision materials and resources that will help them in lessons., with years 7 and 8 also going to FROG for homework tasks.

There is also a huge ‘My Health and WellBeing’ area. In this section, there are lots of things that will help you if you are feeling worried about something. We strongly recommend visiting this area of FROG.

If FROG can’t help you, then remember that you can speak openly with any adult within our school, including your Tutor or Year Manager. Jan, our Student Counsellor, is also available, as is Mrs Kidd (Safeguarding Lead) and Mr Fleming.