Exam Results

At Sedgefield Community College we pride ourselves on many aspects of our school, not least the amazing examination results our students have continually achieved over a number of years. This has led to Sedgefield Community College receiving recognition in numerous ways such as:

  • County Durham’s highest attaining school in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • County Durham’s top-rated school for student progress in 2018 and 2019
  • Included in the Times UK’s top 50 highest performing 11-16 schools in 2017, 2018 and 2019
  • Included in the top 10 highest performing 11-16 schools in the North East in 2017
  • Included in the top 10 highest performing 11-16 schools in the North East & Cumbria in 2018
  • Just outside the top 10 highest performing 11-16 schools in the North East, Cumbria & North Yorkshire in 2019
  • Gaining the World Schools Quality Mark in 2019
  • Shortlisted for the TES schools School of the Year award in 2020

This recognition is linked to the following outstanding outcomes our students have achieved over a number of years, which is detailed in the overview table below.

Measure 2020 2019 2018 2017
Progress 8 Score * +0.51 +0.48 +0.26
Attainment 8 Score * 54.70 52.89 52.59
Grades 9-7 including English & maths * 20.7% 16.7% 13.2%
Grades 9-5 including English & maths * 53.4% 56.9% 40.3%
Grades 9-4 including English & maths * 76.7% 75.3% 71.1%
% of students entered for the EBacc * 50.8% 51.7% 42.8%
% of students gaining EBacc – good pass * 18.7% 17.2% 27.7%
% of students gaining EBacc – standard pass * 33.2% 30.5% 30.2%
Grades 9-7 (all entries) * 27.72% 22.16% 22.43%
Students staying in education or employment after KS4 * 99% 98.8% 98.1%

2020 (*) – Due to the global pandemic and subsequent national lockdown, all students received Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) for their final examination grades. The CAGs were based on evidence drawn from many robust Tier of Entry exams (TOEs) that took place over years 10 and 11. All of these exams are conducted under actual exam conditions. The completed papers always undergo a rigorous quality assurance and standardisation process to ensure reliability of the grades awarded. Information and details regarding Sedgefield’s awarding of CAGs can be found below.

CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2020 - Click to expand

It has been a very tough time for all of our students since the COVID-19 lockdown closed schools to most students in March 2020. This is especially the case for year 11 students who had their GCSE exam preparations brought to a very sudden end and their GCSE exams cancelled. In addition to this, they have also had to deal with a considerable amount of anxiety over the last week as we awaited the outcome of the GCSE calculated grades process in the aftermath of the chaotic handling of the A level results. You will have seen national coverage of students receiving their A-level results only to find out that they had been unexpectedly downgraded. We now know this was because the Government and Ofqual had implemented a standardisation process for exam results this summer using a computer algorithm. This algorithm resulted in too many inconsistent and unfair outcomes for A level and GCSE students. Thankfully, the Government and Ofqual have jointly agreed to revert to centre assessment grades, which are the grades which schools and colleges knew students were most likely to have achieved, had exams gone ahead. 

I want to stress that the manner in which students were awarded their grades this year in no way detracts from their achievements. As is the tradition for students at Sedgefield Community College, our year 11 had been working extremely hard in preparation for these final examinations and, based upon their proven ability throughout each year of study, every Tier of Entry (TOE) assessment they took and the school’s track record of exceptional GCSE achievement, were always on target to achieve exceptional KS4 results. I am pleased to report that irrespective of the upheaval our students faced we are delighted that their hard work and perseverance has been officially recognised with the grades they really deserve. 

I want to take the opportunity to thank our staff for their tireless work and dedication as always, in supporting students in all aspects of their time at Sedgefield Community College. I also want to thank our parents, especially in this most challenging of years, who have provided ongoing support for both the school and our students.

We are deeply impressed by the mature and measured way our students have dealt with this unprecedented situation. More than outstanding results, it is their initiative, tenacity and commitment that will see them go on to thrive, whatever the future holds. They leave our community as outward-looking and independent-minded young men and women ready to make their mark in the wider world. We wish all the very best to the class of 2020 as they move on to their next steps – you should be extremely proud of yourselves!

Mr Geoff Robinson, Headteacher