Year 11 students at Sedgefield saw success in their GCSEs after significant disruption to their education over the past two years, due to the pandemic. Students have faced multiple lockdowns and learning from home, as well as many being forced to isolate, but have shown determination and resilience throughout. 

The teacher assessed grades have been put through a robust external moderation process and accurately reflect the performance of pupils. Staff and students have both worked hard to adapt to new ways of working and learning, and staff have been dedicated in their support, ensuring every student can achieve their goals and potential.

Following their success, students are going on to a wide and exciting range of opportunities. Katie will be heading to the Northern School of Art to study Architecture and Interior Design, while Daniel will be attending Durham Sixth Form Centre to study Maths, Chemistry and Biology. 

Abbie will be studying A-Levels in History, French, Philosophy and Maths at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College. Archie was commended for exceptional progress and will be studying Outdoor Adventure Sport at Askham Bryan College in September. 

Sedgefield Community College Principal, Geoff Robinson, said ‘It has been an extremely challenging time for all of our students since the COVID-19 lockdown closed schools to most students in March 2020. Throughout this entire period, I was incredibly proud of the resilience and determination with which our Year 11 conducted themselves. In a time of uncertainty, Year 11 showed great maturity and fortitude to continue to work incredibly hard.’ 

‘Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the class of 2021 can now progress onto the next stage of their life with confidence and be proud of what they have achieved, knowing the grades represent a triumph over all the hurdles put in their way.’

Ian Simpson, CEO of Laidlaw Schools Trust said, ‘We are incredibly proud of all of our students, who have overcome a difficult two years, for their success today. Staff at Sedgefield Community College have been dedicated to helping students to achieve their full potential and their success today will allow our students to progress to a range of fantastic opportunities.’